You don’t have an image.

You have a bullshit story that is holding you back.

We can fix that. We communicate not just with our conversations, but with our everyday choices. The things we do, the way we dress, the things we share, the priorities we champion; all of these things help to tell others (and ourselves) who we are. These more subtle aspects can either enhance the way we communicate with those around us, or hold us back (often without us even knowing it).

Authenticity is engaging and empowering.. We'll start by exploring how you see yourself, what your strengths are, not superficially but as a human being. Next we'll take an honest look at the messages you're sending yourself today and how those manifest in the choices you make about what you present to the world. Then we'll take specific actions to build your personal identity around a healthy core of the things that truly matter to you.

What does that mean in real terms? In many cases, after our time together you may have chosen a new focus for your wardrobe, a different message for your social media communications, or even new activities to join. But those outward changes will come from a deeper understanding of who you are as a person and your purpose in life. Not only will you be more appealing and engaging to others, but you’ll feel more comfortable and confident as well.

© 2019 Erin Rollenhagen