Let Sparks Fly: The Story of Nancy Mwirotsi

Nancy Mwirotsi didn’t start out intending to teach technology to some of Iowa’s most vulnerable kids. In fact, she didn’t start out intending to work with technology or kids at all. Her story began, as it so often does, with trying to help one person.


The Reality of Illusion

My dog Lucy was terrified of windshield wipers. She would lunge at the windshield, barking furiously, until she wore herself out and eventually huddled on my lap for comfort.


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When I met Whitney Warne in person for the first time it was the day of the cover shoot for Soul Uprising, I was sitting in a makeup chair in her studio feeling unprepared, Bruno was running around like a wild man, and I had no clue what I wanted this cover to look like. I felt adrift.


When I finished the manuscript and edits for Soul Uprising, I felt like I had nothing left to give. No more energy to pour into the project. I was overwhelmed. How was it all going to come together to make a great launch? Enter Daphne Christensen.


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We all have blind spots, missed opportunities that we will never catch on our own. But without capturing them, the book may not ever truly sing. That’s where a great editor comes in. Sara Stibitz is that great editor.

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I was sitting in a monthly one on one with one of our team members, and he gave me the piece of feedback that I need to ask for help more. Okay, that sounds pretty appealing. I’d love some help. Yet I felt an immediate resistance welling up. It was guilt. Guilt that I was going after something I really wanted.



At 2:15 AM, I woke up to a loud crash. For a few heart-pounding minutes, I lay there with my dog Bruno, gazes frozen on the bedroom door, wondering if an intruder was about to burst through. 



My grandpa passed away last night at age 100, leaving behind a loving family, many friends, and some rusty engine parts.



One of the interesting things about coaching people is that you learn a lot about the lengths we go to sabotage ourselves. Lately I’ve been revisiting a quote I heard a long time ago, “The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it.”